Voidokilia Beach – Greece


A sweeping semi-circle of sand seemingly forming the Greek letter Omega (Ω), Voidokilia beach is located i the Messinia region of Greece  and is renowned as an area of historical importance and necessary preservation.  It has remained largely intact even as civilization has expanded and warred.

Records of the beach can be found in The Odissey: it is presumed to be Homer‘s “sandy Pylos” where Telemachus was welcomed by King Nestor when searching for his father, Odysseus. Also, according to myth, Nestor’s Cave is where Hermes hid the cattle stolen from Apollo.


What To do:  a path up from Voidokilia will lead visitors to the Old Navarino castle, and panoramic views of the Divari Lagoon of Gialova, Navarino Bay, and Peloponnesian hills spackled with olive trees.

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