Vik Beach – Iceland


When summoning the image of the perfect beach, dark sand doesn’t usually come to mind. However, some of the world’s most dramatic beaches are dark, and in some cases volcanic black. Vik beach, in southern Iceland is no exception. The town is 110 miles (177 km) away from Reykjavik and  is home to less than 300 inhabitants plus a large puffin population!

Black sand beach near Vik, Iceland

Black sand beach near Vik, Iceland


Vik lies directly under the Mýdalsjökull glacier which lies atop the Katla Volcano. The color of the sand was likely created by hot lava flowing into the frigid ocean, causing it to fragment into little pieces.

What to know: considered to be one of the wettest places on earth, you’ll be lucky to see Vik on a clear day, however the rain really adds to the mistery of this beach.



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