Sibella Court x McTavish Surfboards


Australian interior stylist Sibella Court -of The Society inc. fame - has collaborated with Byron Bay board makers McTavish to release the Gypsy surfboard range, in which patterns and colours are deeply influenced by her travels (and her new book Gypsy).

The collection comprises 5 different longboard designs, but until now only 3 have been released:

Indigo: dyed by Shibori 

Jungle: print by Bethany Linz 

Flamingo: design by The Society Inc.

..we seriously can’t wait to see the remaining two patterns!


From the designer:

A long time love affair with Byron bay, mixed with the ultimate desire of surfing with ease & grace led me to McTavish’s doorstep. I am definitely of the ‘all the gear, no idea’ ilk so promptly got excited about designing my very own custom board. The problem being choosing only one design, and from this the Gypsy range was born. Offering patterns & colours based on my travels & my books, I worked with some young Australian dyers, designers & artists to create unique graphics that are different on every single board.

The sizes available are 8’2″, 8’4″ and 8’6″, as a single fin or a 2+1. The boards are easy to ride, or if you just want an amazing piece of art in your home or office.  Available now, priced from AUD 1995 + freight.

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