Playa Roja – Peru

playa roja

The magic happens in those peculiar places on Earth, where the desert meets the sea even though there is no transition between the water and the utter dryness. One of these enchanting places is in the Paracas peninsula  in Peru, the Playa Roja.

Part of the Paracas National Reserve it is a striking red sand beach surrounded by the sienna of the desert and the blue of the ocean, which really heighten the contrast.


playa roja 2

How to get there: the reserve is  easy to reach from Pisco,about 15km (9.3 miles) away.

What to know: the word Paracas means “rain of sand” in one of the native languages, named after the sandstorms found in this coastal part of Peru.

Tip: visit also Lagunilla, a picturesque beach and fishing village where to stop for lunch. Visitors are able to get ultra-fresh seafood and fish here.


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