Casa Talìa – Italy

Casa Talia Kitchen

Located in Modica on the island of Sicily, Talìa  is an undoubtedly fascinating place, with its Mediterranean vibe and the seamless fusion between Oriental and Occidenatl influences. The small houses composing Talia are sorrounded by the sea, prickly pears and orange groves.

Casa Talia is the project of Italian architect  Marco Giunta and his wife: completed in 2012, this resort hotel merges tradition and modernity resulting in a highly unique interior environment.  As the owner says “We want people to come to Casa Talìa and take their time to enjoy the view, the air, and relax. We live in a pedestrian area in a part of the city very few people go to. Yet at the same time, it’s just behind the main street.  Slow living means forgetting the phone and just drinking a glass of wine while enjoying the view. Our view is amazing, it’s like a painting. You can see the cathedral and the oldest part of the city with all the Baroque buildings. It’s really lovely to sit under the olive tree with a book and just relax and hang out in the garden.”


Casa Talia living area

Casa Talia bedroom

Casa Talia bathroom

Casa Talia blue tiled powder room

Casa Talia nook

Casa Talia purple shower


Casa Talia sitting area

Casa Talia terrace

Casa Talia view from the garden




Photos by: Andrea Ferrari



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