Aharen Beach – Japan


On the island of Tokashiki in the Keramas islands off the coast of Okinawa, Aharen Beach is one of Japan’s best hidden secrets. White, sandy, pristine beaches await day trippers and who get here by ferry from the mainland city of Naha,

The water in the Keramas is incredibly clear and is known for world class diving and snorkeling, thanks to the reef’s proximity to the beach and the sheer number of tropical fishes and coral species (over 400); most of the touristic services on the islands cater towards visiting divers.

Aharen Beach, Kerama Islands, Japan

HOW TO GET THERE: Tokashiki  is accessible by a 35-minute express ferry or a 70-minute large ferry (with the ability to transport vehicles) which depart from the port of Naha.

TIP: you can choose to stay for a few nights on the island as well, Tokashiku Marine Village is one of the few options.

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